How can we create the most effective supply chain to deliver Europe-wide protective material to workers in different factories and logistics hubs?

Can we organize this on a Physical Internet like supply chain?

The European Commission, in close collaboration with the EU member states, will host a pan-European hackathon to connect civil society, innovators, partners and investors across Europe in order to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges.

This hackathon will take place in the weekend of 24 – 26 April 2020.

The minimum personal investment REQUIRED is 2/3 hours one of the 3 days! See the attached roles description. And more information in the website:

ALICE has decided to take part in this Hackathon as organization, in the Challenge domain: Business Continuity and then specially the Challenge on Value Chains and Logistics.

Can you hack it? Help us to do a try!

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