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How to upload my partner profile for a funding opportunity I am interested in?

by Fernando Liesa -
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As an example, we will take the topic “MG-4-8-2020 Advanced research methods and tools in support of transport/mobility researchers, planners and policy makers”. Once you are in this content area: Link (you need to log in and enroll), you need to click on: Are you interested in this opportunity, share here your interest and find out who else is interested. (see the picture 1 below). Then click on “Reply” (Picture 2 below) and a new screen will be prompted so you can include your partner profile. We recommend you share briefly your main interest and competence you would like to bring to a consortium. We encourage you to provide further information by clicking on “Advanced” (see picture 3 below) so you can include more structured information and attachments. In picture 4 you can see the interface. We recommend that as subject, you include the main title and aspect/key experience or the competence from you to contribute to this topic and/or your company name. Include in message a very short summary 2-3 lines so other users can know a bit more of your value proposition/competence for this topic. In attachment, you can drag and drop the document you shared. You may also include tags describing the competence so your profile may appear when users are navigating through the tag cloud in the dashboard.

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