Specific Challenge: Connected and automated driving systems for heavy commercial vehicles have great potential to bring a disruptive change to the trucking industry, fleet operators and the whole logistics sector. They can improve safety and efficiency of freight transport and make vehicle operations more comfortable. Fuel efficiency gains can be achieved through automated truck operations, such as platooning. Various automated trucks and truck platooning concepts are being tested in several countries. Positive impacts can be expected when highly automated systems will be used in logistics operations going from hub to hub including both operations in mixed traffic and in confined areas. 

There are a number of specific challenges that need to be addressed before connected, cooperative and automated driving technologies for heavy commercial vehicles can be widely deployed: vehicle technologies, driver/user interaction/collaboration, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, operational challenges in confined areas (ports,  logistics terminals, consolidation centres, truck parkings, etc.) and in mixed traffic on public roads.