The transition towards connected and automated mobility, also in a mixed environment with conventional vehicles/vessels requires effective network and traffic management solutions. For instance, bottlenecks across road, rail, air and water can result in system-wide capacity constraints, traffic jams and increased pollutant emissions. As a result, an advanced multi-modal transport system requires coordinated and organised traffic flows to dynamically optimise the entire transport network. Furthermore, integrated urban and inter-urban traffic management and mobility information systems contribute to optimising transport flows both through cities and in rural regions. This challenge calls for the design and optimisation of intelligent systems and operations, to monitor live traffic conditions and flow performance, to enable real-time traffic information sharing and network-wide optimisation processes, adapting flows and configurations, as well as to allow distribution of control actions to network users via connected/cooperative devices. Such an advanced network and traffic management capability should also enable new dynamic mobility services for passengers and freight.