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Although there is a relatively large degree of similarity in the targets and approaches of the EU Member States and Associate Countries to address the climate change targets, still considerable differences in the paths can be observed: more coordination and collaboration is urgently needed to promote zero emission road mobility, building on the policy cooperation network of the EU Member States/Associated countries built-up in ERA-NET Transport, Electromobility+ and ERA-NET Co-fund Electric Mobility Europe (EMEurope) with over two decades of experience.

Proposals are expected to address all of the following aspects

  • Address zero-emission road mobility for people and goods programmes supporting all phases of the innovation: technology development, demonstration, deployment and implementation will be considered.
  • Develop a long-lasting network (beyond the project duration) of public and private stakeholders connecting EU Member States/Associated countries and European initiatives, under the umbrella of the 2ZERO partnership States Representative Group (also building on existing links with the supporting European technology platforms ALICE, ETIP-SNET, EPoSS, ERTRAC and Batteries Europe) to share knowledge, coordinate activities and bundling financial resources to achieve synchronicity, synergies and complementarity in the R&I-related plans, efforts, approaches, incentives and funding programmes to effectively support the EU and national objectives for 2030 and 2050.
  • More concretely contribute to:
    • Support EU Member States/Associated countries in implementing and accelerating priority actions identified in the 2ZERO Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in coordination with the 2ZERO States Representatives Group.
    • Collect and share, up-to-date and targeted information on European and national R&I funding programmes, demonstration projects and testing activities, test sites, living labs with their features and capabilities, standards, testing and assessment methodologies as well as programmes in the field of zero emission mobility in Europe and beyond.
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences on zero emission road transport programmes in Europe, building on and connecting existing database platforms, such as TRIMIS, 2ZERO events and conferences, including the H2020RTR series, Member State’s and stakeholder’s information sharing portals.

This topic implements the co-programmed European Partnership on ‘Towards zero emission road transport’ (2ZERO). As such, projects resulting from this topic will be expected to report on the results to the European Partnership ‘Towards zero emission road transport’ (2ZERO) in support of the monitoring of its KPIs.

Skill Level: Beginner