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RISE-SME aims at developing a model that can assist companies in detecting and anticipating disruptions in their supply chains. The main outcome of RISE-SME is to build a methodology for different industrial ecosystems, that can identify disruptions and technological opportunities for the uptake of advanced technologies in SMEs, so as to enable flexible, agile and resilient supply chains that can easily be adapted.
In order to do so, the following activities will be deployed:

  • Mapping of existing industrial ecosystems and its associated supply chain models, in order to identify critical dependencies and weaknesses in specific industrial ecosystem
  • Developing a methodology for detecting and anticipating disruptions with long term effects on the supply chain, to reduce strategic dependencies on critical products, especially on advanced technologies
  • Mapping and scouting advanced technologies and their associated solutions from technology suppliers that can help supply chain processes to be less uncertain and complex
  • Analysing existing technology gaps in several industrial ecosystems, leading to a matchmaking tool with tech-savvy and traditional SMEs
  • Building alliances among traditional and tech-savvy SMEs through cluster organisations and DIHs in the industrial ecosystem, resulting into the launch of a pilot in each one of the ecosystems

The project consortium will leverage their knowledge on supply chain and their reach to key supply chain actors, traditional SMEs and technology suppliers. The involvement of technology partners and entities representing tech-savvy SMEs will ensure a thorough consideration of the following advanced technologies: robotics, AI, IoT, Blockchain, edge computing, AR/VR solutions, B2B digital platforms, Big Data/analytics technology, 3D printing, advanced materials, micro- and nanoelectronics, nanotechnologies and photonics, among others.

Skill Level: Beginner