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Topic outline

  • Project Summary, Objectives and Expected Impacts

    The VitalNodes CSA will build a lasting European network of key stakeholders based on existing European, national and regional networks. By enriching and applying a proven approach for the optimisation of economic, social and environmental vitality of urban areas from the perspective of multimodal transport infrastructure and spatial development (‘Networking for Urban Vitality’, NUVit).
    Vital Nodes aims to contribute to the success of the European Year of Multimodality 2018.  It will develop a comprehensive approach analysing the needs of the urban nodes and develop tools that will be applied in the urban nodes through the step-wise growth model. VitalNodes will deliver evidence-based recommendations for more (cost) efficient and sustainable integration of all 88 urban nodes in the TEN-T network corridors, addressing specifically the multi- and intermodal connection between long-distance and last-mile freight logistics. These recommendations will be validated by applying an appraisal tool and involving experts from the growing VitalNodes network.

    Vital Nodes will deliver four key results:

    1. A self-sustaining network of networks consisting of experts, end-users and case owners that will form during the Vital Nodes workshops.
    2. A proven Vital Nodes approach consisting of an enriched and fine-tuned toolbox of methods and measures that can be applied
    in the urban nodes and a comprehensive fingerprint on the urban nodes.
    3. Validated recommendations on the integration of urban nodes in the TEN-T core network corridors.
    4. Representation of the urban nodes at the TEN-T days and various other professional events.

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