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Topic outline

  • Project summary, objectives, and expected impacts

    SCALE-UP is a four-year Horizon 2020 Innovation Action that started in June 2021. It brings together 23 partners from five different European countries. As part of SCALE-UP, three advanced urban nodes – Antwerp, Madrid, and Turku – team up around one main goal: developing data-driven and user-centric strategies to accelerate the take-up of smart, clean, and inclusive mobility, by means of well-connected and multi-usage urban nodes, and to the level needed to meet EU climate and transport objectives. To reach the main goal, five strategic objectives were defined:

    • Improve multi-level and multi-stakeholder governance enabling seamless multimodal transport across urban nodes (GOVERNANCE).
    • Develop (inter)connected and multimodal nodes for passengers and freight as a backbone of a resilient mobility system, including network optimisations (MULTIMODAL).
    • Develop data-driven mobility strategies and tools to stimulate seamless multimodal transport of passengers and freight, and optimise network capacity across the wider urban area (DATA).
    • Provide access to inclusive, clean, and safe mobility solutions (CLEAN, SAFE, INCLUSIVE).
    • Change travel behaviour, focussing on clean, active, and healthy modes of transport (BEHAVIOUR).

    The five objectives relate to fields of intervention in which the SCALE-UP urban areas excel and deliver valuable output by implementing 28 mobility measures scaled to the functional urban area and taking into account the TEN-T dimension. Furthermore, a strong framework for thematic policy validation amongst SCALE-UP experts guarantees a meaningful cooperation between the three urban areas, internal capacity building, and mutual exchange and learning.

    A sixth strategic objective (TAKE-UP) defines how the project delivers evidence of the effectiveness of the different actions in relation to EU climate and transport targets, and how it accelerates the take-up of these solutions amongst and beyond SCALE-UP urban areas. 

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