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Topic outline

  • Project Summary, Objectives and Expected Impacts

    ULTIMO - Advancing Sustainable User-centric Mobility with Automated Vehicles


    Set the foundations and deploy the very first economically realistic and viable

    Automated Vehicles’- based, large scale, on-demand, door-to-door, inclusive and user-oriented shared public transportation services, taking an holistic approach, considering all elements in a cross-sector business environment.


    Validate integrated shared CCAM systems and services for people and goods across Europe

    Develop open source APIs for seamless integration of vehicles and fleet management into a the MaaS/Laas systems

    Incrementally reach large scale, multivendor deployments in all sites, using the most adapted vehicle for each transport use case

    Set the basis for a common and reusable model for HD maps for AVs

    Provide automated passenger services for safety and service quality• Develop and validate cross-sectoral business models

    Improve interaction with road users and infrastructure for improved safety

    Realistic, long term transition planning design for the deployment of AVs in MaaS and LaaS

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  • Presentations, Documents & Leaflets