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Topic outline

  • Project Summary, Objectives and Expected Impacts

    The PLOTO project, initiated in September 2022, aims to improve the resilience of inland waterways (IWW) against climate change and other extreme events. It aligns with Horizon Europe's vision for a climate-resilient society by 2050. The project focuses on accelerating automation, digitalisation, standardisation, and interoperability in the freight transport and logistics sectors.

    PLOTO combines established tools and services, such as climate models and early warning systems, with new developments like Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and ICT technologies. Its objectives include addressing multi-hazard environmental risks, providing a smart and efficient response, and supporting adaptation and mitigation measures. The project's technological backbone consists of various components. These include climate and multi-hazard modelling to estimate environmental risk and vulnerability at the IWW scale, a vulnerability assessment toolkit for IWW and assets, improved computer vision and machine learning techniques, remote sensing for quick damage assessment, and weather prediction methods. PLOTO also involves middleware and data fusion, IWW assessment tools and digital twins, and enhanced visualisation and decision support systems.

    PLOTO will be demonstrated and validated at pilot sites in Belgium, Hungary, and Romania. These sites will showcase the project's suitability for assessing multiple hazards and making optimised decisions for IWW management. The project follows an iterative approach, involving assessments, demonstrations, and user feedback to incorporate their needs effectively. The PLOTO Digital Twin system will replicate and implement measures before evaluating them against various metrics. The project's outcomes aim to enhance productivity and efficiency in the freight and logistics sectors while ensuring a reliable network under unfavourable conditions. By addressing environmental risks and utilising advanced technologies, PLOTO contributes to building a climate-resilient society and supports Europe's vision for a sustainable future.

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