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Topic outline

  • Project Summary, Objectives and Expected Impacts

    01 — Objectives

    The overarching goal of KEYSTONE is the development and conceptualisation of a sustainble, efficient and safe transport system, which allows enforcement authorities to access data for compliance checks. To achieve this ambitious goal, the following milestones and objectives are met:

    1. Tailor standardised digital solutions from several existing use cases to the transport system.

    2. Demonstrate the validity of a proposed web app solution via 2 real-world pilots.

    3. Develop a seamless, interoperable and intermodal digital transport ecosystem for replication.

    4. Define API standard for data and information sharing between operators and authorities.

    5. Respect & integrate reduction of costs and CO2 footprint, increase the consolidation of data and safety conditions and foster the acceptance of CCAM technologies further.

    02 — Duration

    KEYSTONE started on 01 June 2023 and continues over the course of 3 years until 31 May 2026.

    03 — Funding

    KEYSTONE is co-funded by both the European Commission (total maximum grant amount €3,522,881.25) and the United Kingdom Research & Innovation (UKRI, total grant amount £401,904.00).

    04 — How to get involved?

    • Operators: Logistics operators are heavily encouraged to follow the project activities and will be able to access privileged information towards the end of the project to ensure replication of the KEYSTONE solution and market uptake in the sector. Following the 2 project pilots, the refined and final web application is launched to the market for large-scale validation for open pilot corridors across Europe. Furthermore, industry feedback will be collected and evluated at several stages of the project to ensure a high relevance and sufficient number of features.

    • Authorities: Enforcement authorities and personnell can follow the project activities and learn about the KEYSTONE solution through project partner CORTE (Confederation of Organisations in Road Transport Enforcement) and advisory board member ROADPOL (european ROADs POLicing network). Several European authorities have the opportunity to test the system through the 2 project pilot corridors, but authorities may also request demos for additional corridors and border crossings.

    • Press & Media: For any mention of the KEYSTONE project, please request written permission to the Communication & Dissemination manager, who will supply you with statements, information and visual contents that align with the Project Visual Identity. It is obligatory to display the project logo and refer/link to this project website.

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