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Topic outline

  • Project Summary, Objectives and Expected Impacts

    The E-BOOST project aims to support European electromobility SMEs by offering a range of services through several Open Calls, providing a maximum cumulative grant of €60 000 per SME. The Open Calls are divided into four main categories:

    1.       EXPLORE:

    a.       Open Calls: Five calls are open for SMEs to participate in targeted international fairs:

    b.       Grants: €1,500 per participant.

    c.        Purpose: To provide exposure, networking opportunities, and market exploration on a global scale.


    2.       INNOVATE: 

    a.       Open Calls: Two bottom-up and three top-down calls are available.

    b.       Grants: Funding for single or collaborative projects from TRL 4 to 7.

    c.        Purpose: To foster innovation and technological advancements in electromobility, helping develop new products and solutions.


    3.       SERVICES:

    a.       Open Calls: Two calls are open for grants to obtain external support services.

    b.       Grants: Ranging from €5,500 to €20,000.

    c.        Purpose:  To support services such as Intellectual Property (IP) management, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Human Resources (HR), internationalization strategies, and market studies.


    4.       TRAINING:

    a.       Grants: Up to €3,000 per beneficiary.

    b.       Purpose: To enable participation in training programs identified by the SMEs and provided by their chosen training providers, enhancing workforce skills and capabilities.


    Additionally, a final round of Open Calls will target communication event companies to organize two specialized spaces at the E-BOOST final event in May 2025.

    ·         Private Investment Space: To connect investors with SMEs and enhance private investments.

    ·         Internationalization Space: To facilitate efforts towards global market integration.


    Overall, E-BOOST’s comprehensive support through grants, services, and training aims to bolster the electromobility sector across Europe, driving sustainable growth and technological advancements. The project underscores the commitment to creating a dynamic and resilient electromobility market, capable of competing on an international stage and contributing to the broader goals of sustainability and innovation.


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