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In 2017 the comprehensive view on the Physical Internet from the IPIC conference merged with the technical and intralogistic view from the Logistikwerkstatt Graz for a promising format. Both the IPIC and the Logistikwerkstatt Graz are well established international conferences with broad contribution from industry and research. The purpose of our fourth Physical Internet conference was to bring together all interested parties and continue sharing of ideas to further build foundations and momentum towards the emergence of efficient and sustainable interconnected logistics. The Institute of Logistics Engineering (ITL) at Graz University of Technology hosted this international event July 4-6, 2017 in Austria on its campus.

The conference included keynotes from key stakeholders of supply chains (manufacturers, retailers, 3PL and academics) and stimulated the discussions in several workshop sessions. New business models, enabling technologies and experimentations already underway were presented, making this meeting a unique opportunity to learn, network and discuss the latest results and challenges about interconnected logistics.

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Graz University of Technology pursues top teaching and research in the fields of science and engineering for more than 200 years. An integral part of putting together excellent education and training programs is knowing about the needs of society and the economy. Ultimately, the quality of the education and training at Graz University of Technology is carried by the strength of its knowledge-oriented and applied research. The close relationship with business and industry, and new strategic joint projects with international university partners strengthen the Fields of Expertise of the University.

The Institute of Logistics Engineering - ITL is member of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences of Graz University of Technology. The Institute of Logistics Engineering focuses on the classic problems of logistics planning for the intra- and distribution logistics and the associated layouting and engineering design of logistic systems. The research staff at the Institute of Logistics Engineering consists of experienced engineers and scientists in the fields of product development, CAE (Dynamic simulation, finite elements, multi-body simulation) and dimensioning and calculation of logistic devices and systems. Furthermore, research topics focus in energy efficiency of material handling systems, urban logistics systems with alternative transportation and logistics concepts (e-mobility, e-delivering), the handling of biomass and the development of technologies for handling of goods in the Internet of things or Physical Internet (PI)

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