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The following two types of innovation proposals are expected.

  • i. The development of XR applications to support companies in all industrial ecosystems, especially SMEs, to use innovative interactive and immersive technologies, increasing their competitiveness, productivity, efficiency and human-centricity. The applications should be robust, gender-neutral safe and trustworthy, especially in terms of cybersecurity, privacy and health issues. Proposals should exploit cross fertilisation between academics, industry representatives and end-users around well thought-out scenarios. Moreover, proposals should include activities to showcase the results, widely disseminating and exploiting the outcomes.

At least one proposal of innovation Type I will be funded.

  • ii. The creation of a European reference platform aiming to develop and prototype advanced interoperable XR solutions to solve common challenges encountered by the industry (in areas such as assembly, maintenance, remote operation, training, design, logistics, etc.), placing the wellbeing of workers at the centre of the production process. The platform will be populated with third party-projects exploring a wide range of XR technologies and taking benefit of other emerging technologies (such as 5G/6G, IoT, data, artificial intelligence, edge and cloud computing, and microelectronics). In order to facilitate the integration with existing IT systems and policies, the EU XR platform for industry should prioritize XR content, tools and solutions based on open standards, such as OpenXR and WebXR. The solutions provided by the platform should aim to cover as many industry ecosystems as possible. Involvement of end-users is essential in defining specifications and testing.

Only one proposal will be funded for innovation Type II.

Skill Level: Beginner