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MultiRELOAD project focusses on the specific role and challenges of inland terminals as multimodal freight nodes in reducing GHG emissions through shifting inland road flows to rail and inland waterways by increasing operational efficiency, safety and reliability of inland infrastructures through digitalization. MultiRELOAD builds on 3 demonstration sites which concern the multimodal platform of Duisburg (Duisport -DE), the trimodal terminal of Vienna (Ports of Vienna – AT) and Basel. These 3 sites are strategically well located along the Rhine and Danube within the TEN-T networks with a high potential of shifting to rails and waterways.

MultiRELOAD envisions to enhance the collaboration between these intermodal logistics nodes in Europe to test innovations and propose favorable market solutions for strengthening the use of multimodal freight transport. It will enable an increase in operational efficiency through data sharing between actors within and between nodes. The ambition is to reach sustainability and terminal transshipment efficiency at nodes and corridors, by optimizing the use of assets and infrastructures.

Skill Level: Beginner