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    Key logistics stakeholders from seven European cities/logistics hubs (Bordeaux, Frankfurt, Thessaloniki, Trieste, Arad, Bilbao and Vigo) have joined forces to deploy, validate and set-up after project life of five piloted cooperative logistics services combining cooperative mobility services and intelligent cargo with real-life logistical aspects. CO-GISTICS services will increase energy efficiency and equivalent CO2 emissions, bringing additional benefits in road safety and cargo security.To achieve these goals public authorities, fleet operators, freight forwarders, industrial partners and other stakeholders will jointly implement five services: CO2 Footprint Estimation and Monitoring, Cargo Transport Optimisation, Intelligent Truck Parking and Delivery Area Management, Eco-Drive Support, Priority and Speed Advice. These services will be piloted over one year of real life driving.Each of the pilot sites have full stakeholder chain in their partnership for successful after-project life. The user groups will include commercial users, such as truck and van drivers, as well as logistics and fleet operators. In total the consortium aims to pilot 330 vehicles with about 230 users, 300 intelligent cargo items.The service components used have already been developed and extensively trilled. Some of the components are already operational since a number of years while others have been implemented and trialled through research projects.In addition to proving the benefits, the project aims at identifying deployment opportunities, barriers and finding solutions for those. Furthermore, clear business models and exploitation plans will be developed. Last but not least, CO-GISTICS will also take an active role in the relevant standardization bodies, primarily ETSI and CEN.All these aspects hold a promise that CO-GISTICS services will prove extensive benefits to all key stakeholders and prove that sustainable implementation is possible.

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      Cooperative logistics services combining cooperative mobility services and intelligent cargo with real-life logistical aspects, Multimodal Cargo. CO2 Footprint estimation and Monitoring, Energy efficiency and equivalent CO2 emissions improvement, additional benefits in road safety and cargo security

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