Topic outline

  • Project Summary, Objectives and Expected Impacts

    The project is focused on the following objectives:

    • Research, under the PI umbrella, into new business models that underpin intermodal transport, warehousing, ecommerce fulfilment,
    • Development of an experimental ICT proof of concept (PoC) Infrastructure Platform to support the simulation and testing of the PI concepts,
    • Development of representative PI solutions for each of the three Focus Areas for the corresponding Living Labs.

    Three Living Labs (Warehousing as a service, E- commerce fulfillment as a service, and Synchromodality as a service) will demonstrate realistic and compelling solutions through industry reference implementations at representative scale with the goal to deliver a key stepping stone to the EU’s Green agenda.

  • ALICE members as partners of ICONET


    ICONET Workshops supported by ALICE

  • ICONET outputs

    NEW !!!!

    ALICE supported, ICONET workshops between 15 and 28 January 2021

    PI-Corridor, PI-Warehousing, PI-HUB and e-Commerce fulfillment

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  • Why is this Project Relevant for ALICE & the Physical Internet?

    Networked architecture for interconnected logistics hubs that combine with IoT capabilities and aiming towards commercial exploitation of results. PI models for the Physical Internet that optimise on multiple axes such as for throughput, speed, green/environment, utilisation, efficiency, multi-modality. Simulation, network optimisation, IoT semantics, blockchain, optimisation engine, controller management and APIs and External interfaces.