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Supply chain transparency leads to better business

Vinturas want to trace and share vehicle information to improve business processes, make a meaningful contribution to the reduction of fraud, and contribute to a more sustainable world. By sharing reliable data with each other in a trusted environment, all contributors to our platform will benefit from the value we collectively generate.

Connecting logistics service providers, application providers and customers in an eco-system based on blockchain technology.

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Urban freight transport sustainability leaders

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Sixfold is Europe’s leading real-time logistics visibility platform

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ES3 offers collaborative warehousing

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The company offers solutions related to supply chain, transport, and co-packing

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Freightera is an online freight marketplace

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Turvo offers a collaborative platform designed for the global supply chain

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ICONET will significantly extend state of the art research and development around the Physical Internet concept in pursuit of a new networked architecture for interconnected logistics hubs that combine with IoT capabilities and aiming towards commercial exploitation of results. ICONET strives to achieve the end commercial goal of allowing shipments to be routed towards final destinations automatically, by using collaborative decisions inspired by the information centric networking paradigm, and optimizing efficiency and customer service levels across the whole network. According to this vision, cargo regarded as smart physical packets will flow between hubs based on ‘content’ of the cargo influencing key commercial imperatives such as cost, optimisation, routing, efficiency and advancing EU's Green agenda. Consequently, the consortium are discernibly aimed at three (3) avenues of commercialisation and exploitation from the ICONET innovation, specifically targeted in the areas of

(a) Warehousing as a service

(b) E-commerce fulfillment as a service, and

(c) Synchromodality as a service.

PI based logistic configurations will be simulated, prototyped and validated in the project . Modelling and analysis techniques will be combined with serious game type simulation, physical and digital prototyping, using living lab (LL) requirements scenarios and data. With analyses and simulations, optimal topologies and distribution policies for PI will be determined. The project implementation will be based on a succession of phases of modelling and design/prototyping, learning and experimentation and feedback and interaction with the wider business community, including the ALICE logistics platform as well as members of the partner Associations ESC, UIRR and ELUPEG. Through its Living Labs, the project will address under the PI paradigm both Supply Network Collaboration and Supply Network Coordination.

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Blockchain has been one important developing technology to support logistics digitalization. ALICE recognized earlier some of these potentials but also the hype behind the technology and organized the Collaborative Innovation Day: Blockchain applications and cases for logistics[1] as a starting point to get a better overview of the technology and potential use cases and applications for logistics (link).

After a couple of years, we start to see some application brought forward into the market, but we also recognize some challenges to bring the value proposition forward to customers and specific challenges in the development of blockchain platforms. Blockchain has indeed triggered certain developments in which blockchain is used in combination with others.


[1] Presentations and materials of the collaborative innovation day are available here